About Me.

Well where to begin?

I started sewing at the age of 14 after an injury left me unable to compete in any swimming competitions: swimming was my passion at the time. To say I was devastated was an understatement so my mum suggested I focus on something else. I went on a 3 day sewing course at Dot to Dot Studio, a sewing school near my home in Sussex and made myself a lace dress and a lace top.

That was it - I was hooked - and 5 years later here I am still having lessons as you never stop learning. I never thought in a million years that I would be a contestant on the Sewing Bee and also be writing for Love Sewing magazine.

Life is just amazing right now!!!

I live at home with my mum and dad, my younger sisters Little Miss Boo and Joolz and my brother Joel. I make clothes for all of them. We have two English bulldogs too called Jeorgie and Jessie and I make clothes for them as well. They love wearing their tutus!

My family is hugely supportive of my sewing and have even built me my own log cabin in the garden where I can lay out all my designs and fabrics without anybody treading on them!

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Every Sunday evening I do a live Facebook video – I call it a Lively - that, amazingly, gets about 5,000 views each time!! People can ask questions as I’m doing it and videos are saved so that people can refer to them in the future. Message me direct and tell me what videos you want and every week the most popular request gets made!

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Go Back to Go Forward

I am dedicated to supporting children who find the current educational system challenging and have started a campaign – Go Back to Go Forward - that supports skills-based education in primary schools. I myself wasn’t diagnosed as Dyslexic until College but had I found sewing at a younger age, imagine where I would be now!

My campaign aims to give children who aren’t academic a future outside of subjects they can’t succeed in. I’m so passionate about encouraging positive inclusive education options for all children.

My Shop: Red Hair In Stitches

If you need any pins, scissors, thread, fabric, elastic and sewing accessories, go to my shop and buy all the products I use so you can replicate my favourite designs.

Fun Facts

  • I still work part-time as a swimming instructor.
  • I love my makeup and nails looking great and spend a lot of time perfecting my look
  • I once made a Christmas tree dress with the skirt made out of fairy lights and Christmas tree foliage!!
  • My sister Joolz is a Cheerleading Champion with Zodiac Allstars Cheerleading and Tumbling of Lancing and Brighton.
Me and My doggy Jeorgie in my camo off the shoulder body con dress.
This is where I come to Sew and Chill and watch You Tube, my getaway hut.
My sewing Workshop.
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